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Kopply is your "take-action" site. Combine business card, website, and contacts with elements that encourage visitors to get in touch with you.

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Digital business card

Make lasting impressions with your digital business card - designed to help you grow your professional connections.

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Personal website

With one click, you can make your Kopply card searchable on Google and use it as a website. But don't worry, this function is turned off by default to protect your privacy.

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Professional URLs

Customize your URL individually. Your URL creates trust and underlines your professional appearance. With your link, you can shine even in virtual appointments and bring your personal brand easily to the fore.

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Leave a lasting impression with your video message. Showcase your product and stand out from the crowd by adding videos to your Kopply.

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In order to secure the information you maintain within Kopply, we need you to create an Account.

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Combine all your contact information in one place and maintain it from there.

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You will receive a digital business card that allows you to connect and share your contact information with anyone. The other person does not have to be a Kopply User!

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Share your Kopply and Social links with the blink of an eye with our Browser Plugin.

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